Thursday, April 23, 2009

Franklin TN Homes for sale

Blogging has been a tool used by many people for many different outlets. Some blog to get things off their chest, others blog to make friends, share information, boost website traffic etc.

I tend to do it more for the "SEO" (search engine optimization) aspect of it. It has really seemed to boost the traffic on my website quite a bit. In fact, I have had more traffic now than when I was paying for Google ads! Of course "Blogspot" is a Google endorsed blog site.

The question has been what search keywords to use. I have really focused on " Franklin TN Homes for Sale" and " Nashville TN MLS search". I may go on to do other keywords later but as for now this really seems to be working.

What I have thought of doing lately (Thanks to a Co-Worker) is putting a disclaimer at the bottom of every blog that I have done so far. The disclaimer looks like this "Disclaimer:
Franklin TN Homes for Sale, Nashville TN Real Estate for Sale, Property in Brentwood TN, Franklin TN Real Estate, Franklin TN Realtor, Franklin TN MLS search, Nashville TN MLS search, Green Hills TN Properties for sale, Spring Hill TN Homes for sale, Belle Meade, Middle Tennessee, Music City, Stephen Strickhausen, and Keller Williams do not necessarily reflect any of the views or beliefs held by Google or it’s employees. "

I have JUST started doing this. I am not sure if it is working yet but I am anxious to find out. I have also heard that having the keywords TOO much in a blog is a big no no. There is a balance of throwing in what will help with SEO and what will get you booted from Google.

I would love to get more input as to what seems to work and what doesn't. I know this blog isn't that big quite yet so I may not get ANY responses:)
Stephen Strickhausen
Keller Williams Realty

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