Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If your Realtor is not properly marketing your home then FIRE THEM

As I look through MLS listings on almost a daily basis for my clients I am baffled as to how other listing agents will EVER sell a home. I know some of the best ways to learn to do things is either through your own mistakes or even from others. I have come up with a list of the BEST ways to list and sell a home. I know that some or all of these are common sense to most agents but I am shocked how some Realtors don't do the most simple things (in my opinion) to market a home.I am even more shocked how some of these listing agents even got the listings...and after a certain time period, how they managed to KEEP IT!! If you have an agent like this ..... FIRE THEM

1. ALWAYS put pictures on your listing! Some agents will almost never forward that listing on to their clients. I personally will NEVER do it unless it is for an investor or the listings sounds like it may be "THE HOME". I suggest GREAT pictures. If you have it in your budget then pay a professional. They can make almost any home look amazing through great photography. This will at least bring potential buyers through.

2. Include a "Voicepad" type program on your yard signs. This is a system that allows anyone driving by to call a number and get all the information on the house. This does many things. It for one keeps neighbors from stealing your flyers. It also will send you the information via email and allow you to call that person. If you are a great Realtor then that will give you more options. I would call them and say something like "I saw that you are interested in this house! I would love to show it to you at your earliest convenience". Of course you can also pick up buyers this way but it allows you to actually talk to more people who are seriously looking at houses...yours being one of them. FYI, flyers are hard to keep up with. People get turned off when they are wet from the rain or simply missing. If your yard sign is missing VOICEPAD then hire a new agent.

3. BLOG BLOG BLOG. Blogging is a great tool for many things but every once in a while a GREAT agent will blog about your listing. It gets the exposure on the internet. Of course the MLS is a great way to expose your listing but how many consumers actually know that there is a public MLS search? This allows more people to see that great listing of yours. This will also create key words like even the address "123 Main Street" or "Franklin TN home for sale" to show up in Google.

4. You better throw in your 2 cents about staging. If you don't know how to stage a home properly then offer to pay the $100 for a staging consultation. The majority of people looking at homes cannot see past the gaudy window drapes or the hundreds of trinkets and pictures all over the house. They have a hard time seeing the four walls and the potential of the place. SHOW BUYERS THE POTENTIAL! Listen to your agent, they know what they are talking about:)

5. Internet Marketing. Facebook, Myspace, Twiiter, etc etc etc etc etc.... SERIOUSLY! Post this home everywhere! Make people notice. Get some excitement going on this place and get it sold...QUICKLY

6. Price it right or get out. I have taken a couple listings in the past where the buyer HAD to have a certain dollar amount. This of course is after commissions are paid, negotiations, and possible closing costs. To this day, I regret wasting my time on those listings. Strongly suggest either waiting, renting, or taking a hit. If your sellers won't budge then get out.

7. Make it available to be seen throughout the weekend. If you are slammed then I am sure there is a bright, young, agent in the office just DYING to host open houses. Ask him/her if they want to do it on both Saturday AND Sunday. 2-4 pm doesn't cut it. Try a 1-5 or even noon -5! This of course helps the eager agent to find buyers will exposing your listing. If you aren't a hungry seller then maybe this isn't the best technique. Sellers will need to be out of the house during the afternoons on the weekends.

8. Remind other agents about your home. Make a great looking email flyer and send it throughout the office and other branches in your area. Some people just delete those emails but I actually click on them because they may fit what my client is looking for.

These are so simple yet I see all 8 not being done when it comes to marketing a home. The best part is that this is all virtually FREE! It just takes a little time but HEY, THAT'S OUR JOB!!

Stephen Strickhausen

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