Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blogging and SEO

This post was originally on Active Rain and I thought I would post it on Blogger as well. Enjoy!

I have been blogging for about 6 months now and would say I am definitely addicted to it. I am not so much addicted to the writing part as much as I am the results. This will be my 75th blog here on the rain! There are MANY reasons why I am thankful so I thought I would just name a few.

1. My website is actually getting traffic! When I first started, I don't think I was in the top 100 results of a Google search for much of anything. NOW, with certain keywords and phrases I am all over the top 3 pages! Most of the search phrases are fairly generic (which is a good thing). The proof is in the search. Give it a shot. Some of the key phrases I have been working on are "Franklin Homes for Sale" "Franklin MLS search" (This one has made it all the way to the top!!) "Nashville MLS search" etc.

2. I am learning more about Real Estate through blogging than I am through my continual education. Maybe blogging should be a mandatory class:)

3. I am also learning about SEO FOR FREE! The information that people post on here is priceless. A year ago I would have paid big bucks to get where I am today... instead, it costs me nothing.

4. Making new friends through blogging is key. Sure, some of them are in my SEO/Blogging class at work but now that I have made the connection they want to see me and my business succeed. Who else is going to call you and suggest better ways to capture leads! These same people are in competition for that number 1 spot. Thanks Larry Brewer and Mike Nastri

5. AR was just the beginning of my internet awareness. The information, the marketing, social networking, etc. is endless.... I am now discovering marketing ideas for my listings that I would never have thought of in the past. These listings are getting more leads and showings than they would have just being on the MLS.


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