Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Please help me! I cannot sell my home!!

1) Pricing

Many people in todays market are trying to sell too early. They see the shows on tv that have families who bought and sold in a year and made over $100,000! Those days are gone. In today's market, homes are typically worth around the SAME as they were 2 years ago. Sure, some are worth a little more and some are even worth a little less. The average home will not make you any money once you list and sell.

Really you only have two options (considering you are the few who are able to pay your mortgage). 1. If you REALLY need to get out then you may want to take a small hit. 2. STAY WHERE YOU ARE! Prices will go back up

2) Home Staging

You are in competition with many homes on the market. Some of you are in competition with the model home that is still at the front of the neighborhood. Maybe you should go back through the model and take notes. THIS IS YOUR COMPETITION!! Other home sellers are in older neighborhoods with outdated carpet and terrible paint. The same principle applies because there IS a house down the street that has been updated and will sell before yours. Walk through your own home and think like a buyer would.

3) Marketing

Check to see if your Realtor is really doing his/her job. Ask them what they are doing to market your home. A sign in your yard and a listing in the MLS is not going to cut it. Snoop around for yourself and see if there are not just pictures of your home in the MLS but GREAT pictures. Check to see if there is material for potential buyers to grab as they walk through the house. As silly as it may sound, ask your Realtor if they have put your home on their Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and Blogs. These pages potentially have a HUGE audience....possibly larger than the MLS.


This sort of goes along with "Home Staging". Not only are some people in competition with model homes but they are also in competition with builders who can give them closing costs, upgrades, free tv's, etc. Think about offering a 1 year Home Warranty for the house or even possible closings costs. With paying closing costs and a buyer getting an FHA loan, that would put them out only 3.5% of upfront money.

There are many more ways to help your home sell faster. Don't just hire a distant cousin who is in the business. Call a local Real Estate company that has a good reputation and interview more than one Realtor. Ask them "HOW" they will sell your home quickly.

Stephen Strickhausen
Keller Williams Realty

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