Friday, May 8, 2009

Nolensville TN...a GREAT investment

I have not sold ONE home in Nolensville TN yet. No one wants to move there.

When you look at it on a map it "appears" to be really close to Franklin TN. In fact, it IS close to Franklin. Franklin is expanding in several directions. In certain parts like Mckay's Mill and Clovercroft, it is expanding East (towards Nolensville). It is still within Williamson County and is a part of the coveted Ravenswood High School. There are many new neighborhoods like Ballenger Farms, Silverstream, Bent Creek, Burkitt Place, and Brittain Downs. Many of these new homes average around $110 per square foot! This is Williamson County people!

So why aren't many people living there? The answer is because it is not easily accessible to Franklin or even I65. Nolensville doesn't really feel like it is a part of Williamson County. It feels like it is so far away! So why is it a great place to buy a home? NOW you will find great deals there but that may change within the next 5 years.

As you can see, Franklin and Brentwood are the same distance as Franklin and Nolensville. The biggest difference is that Franklin and Brentwood are separated by a major highway.

The plan is to open up the back country between the two cities and make them more accessible to each other. Eventually these two towns will merge like Brentwood and Franklin did.

If you drive down Nolensville road you will notice new shops and restaurants are popping up. You will also notice that new neighborhoods are being built all around the area.

Sure there are no Wal-Marts or Home Depots in Nolensville....yet, BUT that is exactly why NOW is a great time to buy in Nolensville. Home values will rise and the area will be more accessible.

Stephen Strickhausen

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