Saturday, August 7, 2010

When client turns to friend...

A year ago I was contacted by a family who needed help moving to Nashville TN. They emailed me because they had been reading blogs I had written (On AR) about the areas they were interested in. They had literally never even been to the state of Tennessee but wanted to raise a family in a place where they could get more bang for their buck. They told me they felt more familiar with the area simply because of the videos, pictures, and blogs I had written.

I of course called the husband within the day and started talking about "options". He told me what they were looking for, and then the daily communication began, not because we had to keep talking about those "options" but because we had hit it off pretty quickly.

Their first visit to Nashville came within a month and we began driving around looking at the areas of town they liked the most. They had an immediate attraction to Franklin TN (which is where my wife and I live), and even then they had narrowed it down to the specific neighborhood they wanted to live in.

They returned home, the husband packed his stuff, and moved out here ready to find a place for his family. It didn't take long before they found the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood and before you know it I find myself sitting on the back porch of his new home smoking cigars and telling jokes.

Two months later, the wife ended up becoming the photographer in our wedding (That is my beautiful bride on the front page of her website:) They are now also very close friends.

On top of all that, their parents AND grandparents have since moved out here.

Today, (one short year later) a new family member enters the world! We are so excited for you guys and congratulations on your new baby!

I love when clients turn into friends...

Stephen Strickhausen



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