Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your Nashville Lakefront Real Estate resource

Many cities across the US have lakefront properties...and a lot of residents don't really even know about it!

Here in Nashville TN for example, there are over 800 lakefront properties for sale!! Most people don't even think about being able to afford one (as a primary residence or as a second home).

The "properties" here range anywhere from $2,000 to over $9M. The reason why I put the word properties in parentheses is because that doesn't always include a house. Some of these "properties" for sale are just land and lots located on a lake.

Bottom line is that most cities have that second home or primary home located right on the water that is within budget! Just contact your local Real Estate agent and let them know your budget. He/She will be able to email you every waterfront property within that price range.

If you happen to live in Nashville just go to our website, click on "home search" and then "lakefront home search". This will show you everything available within your price range!

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