Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your Nashville home search! Better and easier

Most Realtors want people to be able to use their website as a one stop shop for everything Real Estate related.

One of the most useful is not necessarily the most popular. Some agents want to be able to send listings to potential clients so that "THEY" can be the resource for a Home search. Sometimes people want to just "window shop" before they decide to take the next step.

Did you know that most people go to car lots on a Sunday...when the dealership is closed. Why? BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO TALK TO A SALESMAN!! When they are ready they will come in on a Friday afternoon and sit down and talk about the details. It may take some time for them to warm up. It may take a quick email from the buyer to see if there are any specials or what they could offer that no one else can. The catch though is to HAVE that car lot...even on Sundays, so that people can browse at their convenience.

Have the resources available to people so that when the time comes, YOU will be the one they trust.

Stephen Strickhausen





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