Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's Next?

No, No that just won't do! (edit/delete)

I was speaking to a Sales Agent last month about buyers these days and the crazy things they ask for in the homes they intend to purchase. Even though there are definitely requests that you would never have heard ten years ago,they ask for these features with such ease. It blows me away that technology and decadence has come some far in the last years that home buyers can ask the agent to find a home with automatic heat sensored lighting systems. Have you seen these master baths they are creating? Who needs a day spa anymore? I am talking about television sets embeded in the mirrors, 44 person hot tubs, rain shower head that suddenly emerge from middle of ceiling. These features are insane. Because of the fact the buyers are so exposed to these features, compliments of reality telesivision and HGTV, they know they can be had if they ask. (of course this is before they fall over cold when you tell them the price)

After this discussion I came across this video. It does a much better job of explaining peoples mentality than I can. When you are stressing out over finding a home that electronically changes diapers, washes dishes and mows the lawn because your buyer insists that it is what they need.... keep this in mind.

To Watch this hilarious video click HERE.

What requests do you get that have stopped you in your tacks?

What home technology blows you away?

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