Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nashville home pricing. Is it EVERYTHING?

I have posted a few blogs lately that have talked about the best ways to market a home. I really wanted to show what I do as a Realtor to market my listings here in Nashville. Besides the normal sign in yard, MLS, open houses on Sunday, and THE RIGHT PRICE, there are many ways that can help with the quick sale of a home.

After writing a few blogs I got several responses that basically said something to the effect of “If you price it right then it will sell”. I DO agree with this although there are other factors that are VERY important to the quick sale of a home.

I was searching through the MLS this afternoon when I stumbled across what appears to be the BEST deal in the area. This is a well sought after neighborhood in Nashville. The square footage was higher than most and the price was right! In fact, the price is amazing for this area. I looked at the days on market and it is pushing 4 months now!

Since I am looking for a good deal for my client I then proceeded to look at the pictures that were posted by the “owner agent”. To my surprise I found that THERE WERE NONE!!!!! Not ONE more picture besides the front of the house!!!! I did some further investigating and learned that there was nothing major wrong with the house. I thought that for this price in this area that there must be some major foundation, roof, electrical, or plumbing problems.

Dear mister “owner agent” (which was even more of a shock), Rule #1 POST PICTURES OF YOUR LISTING!!!! I cannot tell you how many times I have not sent a listing to a client because there were no pictures. When clients are looking through the listings that you send them, they want to see the granite counter tops and bedroom colors. If there is no picture then they will decline even looking at it. I DO understand that investors ( which I immediately sent this listing to mine )might look at just the dollar per SF and want to go see a property purely based on numbers (not pictures) but there aren’t many families that will buy into that.

With all this being said, you can’t tell me that marketing does not play a big key into selling a home quickly. What it boils down to is tugging on the heart strings of some family out there that will fall in LOVE with your listing. There are many ways to do this and I have talked about that in previous blogs. Pricing is VERY important but not the only thing that sells a home. Point proven….


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