Thursday, March 18, 2010

Forrest Crossing Franklin TN

There is a very common misconception out there that it is impossible to find a great home in a gorgeous setting in Franklin without braking the bank.

Yes, there are homes in Franklin and Historic Franklin that carry tremendous price tags. There are Historic homes priced over half a million dollars that only have three bedrooms.

Sometimes it just seems impossible to attain a Franklin home that you can afford.

Well, did you ever think that maybe the people that live in the historic homes or the huge homes with two acres are the same people that lived in a smaller Franklin home that grew in equity just ten years ago. Often times buyers make a great purchase in Franklin and use that home as a launch pad to attain their goal of the large historic home.

If that is something you are looking to do, we have just the thing for you. Forrest Crossing in Franklin TN is a great, beautiful, and desirable neighborhood that offers buyers a great place to live and grow their equity. The homes in Forrest Crossing are mostly brick and built with traditional southern charm. This neighborhood sits off of Royal Oaks blvd about two miles from the historic Franklin square.

As you drive the the neighborhood you are surrounded by beautifully landscaped homes and maintained streets. You will more than likely see a large amount of families outside while the kids are riding bikes. Because of the fact that Forrest Crossing is located within the lines of the top school district in the state there are a lot of young families.

The neighborhood also is situated right on a medium length 18 hole golf course. This course features scenic views of the Harpeth River and the clubhouse has a 200 seat grill room. The golf course is just walking distance from many of the homes in the neighborhood, and of course the NEIGHBORHOOD CLUB HOUSE!

Prices in the neighborhood range from the two-hundred, to the five-hundred thousands.

This neighborhood's home value are very steady simply because it is a very desirable area. The location is great. The homes are very beautiful and the amenities are fantastic. This area is a great choice for any buyer that wants a Franklin address but is not quite ready to spend a huge amount of money. Make a great purchase in Forrest Crossing and let your equity contribute to your future purchase.

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