Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The housing market isn't that bad. Talk to my investor!

As we wake up on a daily basis and turn on the telly, all we see are signs of a terrible economy and in turn a terrible housing market. I am a Realtor in Nashville TN and I don't know what you are talking about...

Sure, I have seen a slowing market here. I have had my share of picky buyers (because they had their choice of 1000's of homes at THEIR asking price), I have had my share of slowing business, and I have been directly affected by all this mess. On the "flip" side of things, if you were to meet my investor Mark then he would tell you that he could care less what the tv is saying.

There was a time not too long ago that you couldn't turn on the tv without seeing a "Flip this House" show. Everywhere you turned there was some company showing how they buy and sell homes quickly for a massive profit. Where are those shows today? Well, come to Nashville and follow my investor around for a couple months. To this day he has never made less than $22,000 on a "flip". That includes the last 2 years of what everyone else will call a "housing slump". Remember that in order for him to make any money, HE MUST SELL. That 4 letter word haunts Realtors across the nation.

Is this some sort of magic trick? If you asked him he would tell you "It's all in your head".

Stephen Strickhausen
9175 Carothers Pky Suite 110

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